Naked Naturals is committed to carrying the largest variety of certified organic and certified FairTrade produce in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach areas. We purchase as local as possible during our regional growing season, and favour smaller, family farms whenever possible.

Locally Grown

We focus on supporting small farms which grow their product in a sustainable ethical  manor while producing a high quality product.  We offer a large variety of local fruits and vegetables when they are in season, and with the help of our certified organic green house growers are now offering many options even during the winter months.

For Certified Organic farmers in the region who are looking for a retail avenue to distribute their products, or for non Certified growers who wish to discuss possibilities regarding entering into the transition process please contact Kris at our Qualicum Beach location, and we would be happy to discuss ways in which we can aid you in these endeavors.


All of our produce is third party Certified Organic to Canadian organic standards, so that you can trust the product you are buying. Our strict commitment to organic is to not only guarantee that our products are not sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, but also free from synthetic chemical fertilizers, genetic modifications, or subjected to irradiation. We wish to provide not only for our customers’ health and needs, but also ensure sustainable farming practices in order to provide for future generations.

With a purely organic produce department, we also ensure that there is no cross contamination with conventional produce in house during trimming and washing processes.


We take the utmost care in ensuring proper handing and care of our produce. All of our spraying and washing water is treated using reverse-osmosis water, removing any chlorine and other water additives. We take time for sourcing the little details, such as mangoes which have not been hot water dipped, and bananas which are shipped via container rather then by truck.