We carry a large selection of eggs, butter, fresh sauces, soups and dips


We carry a full selection of Certified Organic milk from BC’s own Avalon Dairy, and organic goat’s milk from Goat’s Pride Dairy in Abbotsford.

In addition to the regular selection of one, two, and four liter options, we also carry one liter glass bottles. Bottles when brought back to Naked Naturals, are returned to Avalon Dairy to be sanitized and reused.


A wide selection of all sizes of eggs are available, including certified organic eggs from Avalon Dairy and Rabbit River Farms, and also free range farm-fresh eggs from Springford Farms in Nanoose Bay.

We also have organic egg whites from Rabbit River Farms.



A full selection of organic, Mediterranean and Greek style yogurts are provided by Olympic Dairy and Liberte, goat yogurt from Goat’s Pride Dairy, coconut and almond yogurt from So Delicious, and soy yogurt from Nancy’s. Be sure to also enjoy our collection of artisan yogurts from Vancouver Island’s own Tree Island Yogurts in Royston!

We also have a selection of Kefir available from Organic Meadows and Liberte.

Meat and Dairy-free alternatives

Tofu, Soy and veggie based imitation meat


Dairy, soy, rice and goat cheeses